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  • Scene 7, without dialogue.

    Posted on March 19th, 2009 James No comments

    To give a short demonstration of what I do, here is scene 7 of episode 1 in its animatic form, without dialogue.

    Here is the process: Script is written by Carl, I’ll do a rewrite, Carl will do another rewrite, et al. We then storyboard it. We record audio with the voice actors, Then I slice it together. After that I send it to Carl, who makes comments and points out timing issues. I fix it, send it back, he approves. I write background music, and make a set of sound effects. I take the Dialogue and then I set up and time music cues, sound effects, and balance and compress the audio. I render it into a short video (Like the one here, only with words) then I send it to Carl for the Animating. (Which is the really hard part) while he does a rough animation, Scott and I will make backgrounds, and send them to him. He will insert them behind the animation and make small adjustments here and there. After the animating is done, we watch what we’ve done, pat ourselves on the back and move on to the next scene.

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