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  • Characters

    The world of The Third Half will grow as we create more and more stories and introduce more and more characters. But, in all of this we have three main characters.


    Eon is your glass half full kind of guy. He’s chipper, he’s energetic. But he’s also a bit in a world all his own.


    If Eon is glass half full, Elliot is glass half empty. He’s a hard worker and down to earth. Eon’s antics being not so grounded tend to annoy Elliot. However if Eon were in trouble Elliot would try and help. Who else is going to pay that share of the rent?


    Takt is an octopus equipped with a land suit. Surprisingly he’s adapted well to living on the land. He’s Eon’s best friend and constant accomplice. He lives in Eon’s bathroom, or as Takt calls it, the Taktroom.