Coking production

Coking production:
It has two production bases in Weifang and Zaozhuang, and has the coking capacity of up to 3 million tons each year, perfect chemical products recovery system and CDQ and waste heat power generation device, which ranks the first camp of independent coking enterprises in the province, with an annual output of 3 million tons of high-quality metallurgical coke, 260 thousand tons of coal tar, 65 thousand tons of crude benzene, 1 billion cubic meters of external gas supply, 1.5 million tons of steam and 200 million kw.h power generation; around the comprehensive utilization of coal gas, by using the leading technology of non-catalytic conversion gas-made synthetic ammonia in China, it is the China’s largest production base of the food additive ammonium bicarbonate,with an annual output of 100 thousand tons of food additive ammonium bicarbonate, and its “Chang” brand trademark has been awarded the “Well-known Brank in China”.

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