New energy/new material

New energy/new material:
The company has invested about 1 billion yuan totally to introduce the JFEC technology from Japan, and uses special asphalt produced by coal tar processing and heavy benzol produced by the deep processing of crude benzene as raw materials to produce anode material for Li-ion battery and high-purity industrial indene through deep processing, which has been widely used in smart phones, digital appliances and other high-tech fields. The company has introduced the technology of Lurgi GmbH in German and built the new project with an annual output of 60 thousand tons of new PBT materials, and the product fills in the gaps in the new material-high-end engineering plastics-in Shandong Province. By using coking by-product gas as raw materials, the company is planning to build the 160 thousand t/aLNGproject to achieve clean and efficient use of traditional energy.

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