?Xuecheng Energy Co., Ltd.

Xuecheng Energy Co., Ltd. is owned by Shandong Weijiao Holdings Group Co., Ltd. Established in 1971, Shandong Weijiao Holdings Group Co., Ltd is a national large-scale modernized enterprise group, centering on the development of coal chemical industry and integrating science, industry and trade. The company now has two industrial bases in Changle, Weifang and Xuecheng, Zaozhuang, with more than 3,800 employees and an area of more than 5,000 mu, has a total asset of 9.7 billion yuan, 3 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 7 holding subsidiaries and 3 joint-stock subsidiaries. It produces more than 40 kinds of products, including coke, carbon black oil, technical naphthalene, modified bitumen, phthalic anhydride, PBT synthetic resin, anode material for Li-ion battery, food additive ammonium bicarbonate, pure benzene and phenol, which are widely used in metallurgical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing and other industries, and are not only sold well at home, but also exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world. The company is one of the key coking enterprises supported by Shandong Provincial People’s Government, and has been listed as the “Leading Enterprise Building a Modern Industrial System in Weifang City” and “One of the Top Ten Enterprises in the Coal Chemical Industry in Shandong Province” successively.
The Xuecheng base is located in Xuecheng District, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province. Shandong Xuecheng Coking Plant was restructured into a modern coal chemical enterprise by Shandong Weijiao Holdings Group Co., Ltd. on July 20, 2012. And on September 28, 2012, Shandong Weijiao Group Xuecheng Energy Co., Ltd. was established. The company is characterized by advantageous location and convenient transportation, is rich in coal resources and has a unique advantage of developing coal chemical industry. The company covers an area of more than 2,000 mu and has 1,500 employees now. The company has won the “Labor Certificate of Shandong Province for Enriching People and Revitalizing Shandong”, “Enterprise Making Contributions to Revitalizing Zaozhuang”, “Top 100 Enterprises in Zaozhuang City”, “Shandong’s Advanced Enterprise in Employment and Social Security”, “Advanced Enterprise in Safe Production and ‘Double Basis’ Work in Shandong Province”, “Advanced Party Organization at the Basic Level in Zaozhuang City”, the ”Pilot Enterprise for Circular Economy”, “Enterprise Culture Construction Demonstration Unit in Zaozhuang City”, ”Collective Third Grade Merit for the Industrial Restructuring and Revitalization of Zaozhuang City”, “Advanced Enterprise in Safe Production in Zaozhuang City”, etc.
To seriously implement the national policy of energy saving and emission reduction, the company carried out the strategy of “exit from the city and entry into the park”, making use of abandoned land to build up the ten-billion level Xuecheng energy recycling economic and industrial park. At present, projects which have been put into production include the coal gasification project with an annual output of 550 million cubic meters, coal tar deep process project with an annual output of 500 thousand tons, phthalic anhydride project with an annual output of 40 thousand tons, 150 thousand t/a LNG, 2 CDQ projects with the output of 140+190 tons per hour, as well as the supporting construction of 2×18MW waste heat generating and 5×2KW gas-fired cogeneration; automobile transport and chemical products logistics have been put into operation; the projects, such as 2×200 thousand t/a light of coal tar distillate and rail transport logistics, are under construction. The company now has the production capacity of 2.6 million tons of coke, 147 thousand tons of coke tar, 37 thousand tons of crude benzene, 42 thousand tons of ammonium sulfate, 260 million kwh power generation, 550 million cubic meters of coal gas and 150 thousand tons of LNG each year. The park forms a “distinctive coal chemical recycling economic development model of taking the upstream coking industry as the leading role and the midstream and downstream industries as the development priorities, upstream and downstream products being closely connected, and the product chain being interrelated”. On this basis, the company will continue to make progress in the areas of new materials, new energy and fine chemicals.
Meanwhile, in order to make full use of legacy assets of the coking plant site after “exit from the city and entry into the park”, and effectively revitalize land resources, by working with operations teams like Tsinghua University, the company plans to invest 1.56 billion yuan to construct the science and technology innovation industrial park of the new incubator 2.0 in the old area. The project is a new upgraded version of incubator 2.0, which introduces many incubation tools such as the incubation center, technical consulting, financial business, entrepreneurial guidance, intelligent office, cloud platform, big data and robots, to integrate various platforms like entrepreneurship, financing, technology, government affairs and commercial affairs and living facilities such as apartments, hotels, culture, leisure and sociality on the basis of traditional technology incubator. At present, the project has been included in the key construction project in Shandong Province in 2016, and the first phase of the project is about to be completed and put into use. After being completed and put into use, the incubator project will play an important role in the leapfrog transformation and development of the company and promoting the upgrading of regional economic structure.
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