JFE Zhenxing Shandong Chemical

JFE Zhenxing Shandong Chemical Co., Ltd.(JZC) is a joint venture established by Shandong Weijiao Group Co., Ltd. and JFE Chemical corporation. It is located in the industrial park of Zhuliu Town, Changle County, Shandong Province. The company has convenient geographic location, 12 kilometers west of the downtown of world kite capital, Weifang, 9 kilometers east of Changle County, the Chinese sapphire hometown, 4 kilometers south of Jinan-Qingdao Expressway and 1 kilometer south of 309 National Road, in the north of Jiaoji Railway, and has dedicated goods yard, the transportation is very convenient. With the support of the high-technology from Japan JFE Chemical Corporation and the advanced management from Shandong Weijiao Group Co., Ltd., the company was established in September 2005,which was completed and put into production in December 2006.
Zaozhuang JFE Zhenxing Chemical Co., Ltd. (JZZ) is a joint venture established by Shandong Weijiao Group Co., Ltd., JFE Chemical corporation and JFE Zhenxing Shandong Chemical Co., Ltd. It is located in Zouwu coal chemical industrial park of Xuecheng district, Zaozhuang City,Shandong province. It was established in December 2013, it will be completed and put into production in November 2014.
The company fully took advantage of abundant domestic coal tar resources and based on coal chemical technology, used the world’s most advanced technology and scientific management methods for deep processing of coal tar. The company produces and sells carbon black oil, modified pitch, industrial naphthalene, light oil, naphthalene light oil, crude oil, crude phenol, washing oil, phthalic anhydride, lithium battery, lithium battery cathodematerials and other coal chemical products. Among them, carbon black oil, modified pitch, industrial naphthalene are the company’s leading products and are all high-quality products meeting world standards. The company’s sales throughout the whole country and abroad.
In order to meet the requirements of sustainable development for green industries in China, the company introduced the environment-improving technology and production process, and passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification. At the 2010 coal tar deep processing meeting in China, the company was named as “the enterprise with most comprehensive strength in China”. The company has become the enterprise with largest distillation capacity of single set of device in the world.
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