?Weifang Zhenxing Logistics Co., Ltd

Weifang Zhenxing Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in April 11, 2012. The Registration Number of Business License of Enterprise Legal Person: 913707255936310501. Address: No.98 Tuanjie Road, Zhuliu Sub-district, Changle County. Legal Representative: Zhang Baoan. The registered capital is RMB 8, 000, 000 yuan, of which 4, 080, 000 yuan was invested by Shandong Weijiao Holdings Group Co., Ltd, accounting for 51% of the registered capital, and 3, 920, 000 yuan was invested by Changle County Longdan Lake Fruit and Vegetable Specialized Cooperative, accounting for 49% of the registered capital. Company Type: other limited liability corporations. Main Business and Business Scope: transport of dangerous goods (class 3); sales of coals, coal briquette, aluminum alloy products, steel products, building materials, woods, article of daily use, hardware and plastic article; freight forwarding. The company is now staffed by 25 persons with relevant qualification certificates, including 5 safety managers, 1 chemical professional, 2 financial executives, 10 drivers and 5 supercargos. The company consists of finance department, transportation service department, security department, marketing department and general office. Telephone: 0536-6712064, Zip Code: 262404. The company set up Zaozhuang Zhenxing Logistics Co., Ltd. in Zaozhuang on October 31, 2014.
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